Thank you for your interest in  Dr. Jennifer Brown Broderick's HPV self sampling study. 


Dr. Brown Broderick is a gynecological oncologist and researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, who is conducting a pilot study.

Pap tests are currently the screening method used to screen for cervical cancer in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency's Screening Program for Cervical Cancer suggests that Pap tests for screening be done every three years. For pap tests, you are required to visit a healthcare facility. We know sometimes it is difficult to do, so instead of visiting a health care provider for a Pap test, we invite you to use this HPV self-sample test at home. HPV screening is another way that we can screen for cervical cancer.

The study is funded by the Royal University Hospital Foundation-Women Leading Philanthropy and Roche and is looking to understand how a self-test affects participation in cervical cancer screening.

Procedures, Benefits and Risks

Read though and complete the eligibility requirements on the following pages.  If you are eligible the team will mail you a self sampling kit.  You will use the instructions provided in the kit to complete the test. Dr. Brown Broderick or her research team member will provide you with your test result. A positive test result does not mean you have cancer. It means you will need follow-up. A negative test result means no follow-up is needed and you will be encouraged to have a Pap test for screening in three years.

We encourage you to do this test because:

§  it is free, quick and easy to do at home,

§  it can tell you if you are at a higher risk for cervical cancer, and

§  follow-up of a positive test result to treat changes on the cervix can be done before cancer starts.


This test is voluntary, and you cannot be penalized in any way because of your participation or non-participation. There is a rare risk of injury or discomfort from the swab.

Your sample will be tested to see if you have certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that can cause cervical cancer.


On the following pages you will be asked to complete an eligibilty questionnaire followed by inputting your address.  If you do not want to continue, you are free to close your browser and no information will be saved.  We will be sending 150 kits out and closing the in take at this point.


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