Thank you for your interest in our study entitled: An Exploratory Study of Cannabis Use in People with Osteoarthritis 

The study involves 3 parts:  

Part 1 is a questionnaire to learn about your osteoarthritis pain and the type of cannabis and other medications you are using. The survey will also ask about how cannabis is working for you, and about any side effects you may be experiencing. The questionnaire will be emailed to you if you consent to participate in the study. 

Part 2: Once you have submitted the electronic survey, you will be mailed (or delivered) a kit to take a blood sample from your finger using a needle poke. Detailed instructions about using the kit to get a blood sample will be mailed to you in the kit, and there are also videos online that you can watch. You will be provided with a pre-paid envelope so that you can return the kit by putting it in the mail. 

Part 3: The purpose of part 3 is to learn about your experience with taking the blood sample. Access to this survey will be provided with the kit. You can do this survey electronically or on paper and return it with the kit.  

We have included a full copy of the consent form so that you can review all of the study details. At the end of the consent form, there will be a place for you to let us know if you would like the research team to contact you about participating in the study  

Thank you for your time and interest! 

Holly Mansell and Erin Yakiwchuk  

College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan 

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